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Welcome to The Library of Performing Rights

Performing Rights is the 2006 Performance Studies international conference and performance festival programmed for 15th - 18th June by Queen Mary University London in partnership with East End Collaborations and the Live Art Development Agency ( It looks at the significance of human rights in times of war and globalisation, makes links between international and local communities and investigates performance practices that will facilitate human rights work. invites online contributions, networks international communities, creates space for dialogue and enables the transmission and documentation of human rights and performance.

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re-starting the conversation


thanks tom for setting up this space.

I set September 1st as a starting point for re-focusing on the library and its future development. I hope this is a meeting that we can have over the next few weeks although some things would be good to solve in the next few days.

Main things to think about are:
1. how to catalog the actual material we have stored at Queen Mary
2. how to make stronger links between those materials and the website

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Call for reporters!


I've seen many inspiring projects and performances over the duration of this conference and would love to discover what others have seen - don't be shy! add to this website & leave a comment, message or report on events that others may have missed.

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Events programme


PSi #12: Performing Rights focuses on questions of performance and human rights and is composed of two distinct but related programmes: a Conference and a series of Manifestations, the full programme can be found on the below (all links take you to the site):

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