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Currently if a new TEXT, IMAGE or LINK is created and the category "Acquisitions 2006" is selected for the new entry, then that entry becomes part of the Archive section, which is an area we setup to list all physical items in the Library.

During the conference the Archive was added to a little, but really needed a dedicated person(s) to be adding stuff. I forget her name now, but one of the Librarians in the Octagon (she was really helpfull and precise) created a List of everything in the reading room, with the intention of creating a separate entry for each item, which is what needs to be done now.

Any ideas on who could be available for this? Helen, did you manage to make contact with Suzanne Keene to try and get some students on the job?


><> Tom [artist/programmer/designer]
><> www.theanthillsocial.co.uk

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