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Domestic Terrorism

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Domestic Terrorism

photo from Trouble with My Sheets by Lois Weaver and Eleanor Savage

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Domestic Terrorism

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Domestic Terrorism

Domestic Terrorism is a project that makes public the visual evidence of private domestic work and encourages the use of private detail as a means of public resistance.

Laundry hanging on a line can suggest the gender, class and aesthetic principles of the person doing the laundry. It can disclose the population and income of a household. It reveals personal taste and bad habits; betrays acts of insurrection and indiscretion. How laundry is hung can be a statement of pride or an expression of modesty. It can be a form of communication between prisoners, a violation of housing codes in certain communities or perceived as a national threat in times of war.

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Welcome to my new chapter

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New chapter
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read. The style and the colours of the words are bright and promising. The new chapter is about new everything, new hair cut, new clothes, new roof on the head, new friends, new dreams, new hopes, new candles, new meals, new places to go, new smiles to exchange, new summer time, new birthdays, new birthday cake, new faces, new odours, new everything. And as I'm writing this, and you are reading it. New ideas in your head are being drawn. And why all the excitement? Well, it's simple to answer really, and that is because at this moment I'm recording the newness of the new, the bright shining sky painted on your face, as much as painted on my face.

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The Creative America Project

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www.creativeamerica.usThe Creative America Project is a national, nonprofit, nonpartisan effort to inspire and train creative professionals to lead in the public sector - including running for local office. We believe that creativity is at the heart of a robust democracy and that creative professionals have values, skills and experience needed in the civic arena. Our agenda is: Create. Act. Vote. Run.

Amnesty International

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www.amnesty.orgAmnesty International (AI) is a worldwide movement of people who campaign for internationally recognized human rights.

Search For Common Ground

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www.sfcg.orgTheir goal is to: Transform the way the world deals with conflict. Emphasize cooperative solutions, pursued on a realistic scale and with practical means. Current problems - whether ethnic, environmental, or economic - are simply too complex and interconnected to be settled on an adversarial basis.

Nonviolent Peace Force

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www.nonviolentpeaceforce.orgNonviolent Peace Force


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www.transcend.orgNetwork for Peace and Development

We, Citizens [...]


open4all.info/wiki-files/stream/kilina.movSpeech given urging the removal of the current government of the United States of America from power.

Books Needed for New Orleans Libraries

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www.nutrias.org/~nopl/foundation/donationsfaq.htmNew Orleans Public Library is asking for any and all hardcover and paperback books for people of any age in order to re-stack their shelves. Anything the libraries cannot use will be distributed to displaced families or sold for library fundraising. Send to: Rica A. Trigs, Public Relations New Orleans Public Library 219 Loyola Ave. New Orleans, LA. 70112