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Saturday, June 10, 2006


Yo nosé
Current mood:   loved

So many thoughts captured in a moment while I sit here and think of time and space. Time and space that illuminate and captivate my illusion of perception in this worldly reality. The sound of the saxophone playing to my ears distorts the imaginary pencil of devotion. And I come to think of tomorrow, tomorrow and the day after. I wanna be sincere when I write this memory. I don't know if it's possible to be totally accurate though, but at least I can try. My room looks almost naked, all the vestuary from the walls are taken off, and lots of big rubbish bags are standing like semi dead bodies after a war of chaos. I still have books I need to return to the library, lists to do, phone calls to make and most important  finish to pack, and move out of here. This place, this room, and time that has kept so many memories. Vivid memories carved in time and space, this space that only I know. This little corner of devotion and temptation where I've painted funny paintings, danced naked, laughed and cried my eyes out. This little corner of play and fun where I've left a little mark inside. I'm truly happy even though sometimes I forget of this pleasure. My imagination doesn't wanna stop to create and invent new paths of decór. It's just funny how much you can get attached to time and space. It's funny how much I get attached to time and space particularly at this time of my life. Everything is new and fresh. And I'm so curious, I'm so alive yet so curious for living and testing the new and the old too. I breath and I feel alive, but I also feel the humanity that this body of mine produces. This body of mine captured in this wordly reality of time and space, where I wake up every day and perceive myself. I perceive myself and everything else around me, I see, hear, touch, smell, and taste the phenomenological connection between this space and this time. Right here, right now, right inside and outside myself and the link that causes it.

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By John Coltrane
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