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Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Current mood:   hopeful
Category: Life

I hear them playing drums, I hear their voices all over the air. I hear their screams and desire to express. I hear them over and over again. I hear myself smiling to them. I hear the rythm of my pulse inside my body. I hear my mind remembering old days in childhood when I used to dance. I hear the child in me saying, I want to dance mummy. I hear the empty space that will follow soon. This room of desire and hope that will stay here forever. Even when I'll be gone. I hear people clapping, are they so happy? They must be. And that happiness fulfills me with nostalgy because I will be gone one day. And these moments will only be alive in a memory. A memory that will cross land and sea all over this globe. A memory that will be heard one day when I'll be gone. So I hear this thought of mine, and I express it. I express it as often as I can because it is about recording our lives in memory. It is about you in space working along with time. It is about me reminding you to hear yourself and to not forget little details as when people play drums in your yard.


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