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Yesterday morning at the Great hall, many people reunited for one cause. I was there too and I almost could hear the energy floating in everyone's body. It was a magical moment. The lady in the black jacket representing Amnesty International, (if I'm right?) said many important things- But what I recall straight away is something to do with our generation. Our generation and the prevention of distortion for human rights. What's stopping us? time, space , money?-------As artists we have a great force to pursue our dreams and ideals. I think that if we truly put our strength together the governments around the globe will facilitate it for us---(maybe?)- However, perhaps the other possibility is to become our own government. The government of the arts in where we consciously work as such. There is goodness in the world, I know so. And there is a great will power to change the situation of the planet. I think that the strategy is evolving, it is shaping a sphere. I'm optimist and I'd like to believe that when I'll die things will look a bit different.

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comment[106] | submitted by tomski | Fri, 2006-06-16 15:14

the governments around the globe will facilitate it for us

Its very scary if we have to rely on government - the big problem is to wrestle power back from governments who have committed the most atrocious abuses of human rights.

As for the talk at the great hall, it sounds great, its wonderful to listen to inspiring people - does anybody know who the amnesty international woman was that Gwendoline mentions above?