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real life scenario

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I attended Simon Bayly's 'Philosophy in practice' session on Thursday 15th, which was a practical workshop based around the question: When should we intervene?

We chose to focus on a specific incident where one of us failed to intervene. We unpacked the incident, decribing every last detail, and then debated the need and efficacy of intervention.

I won't go into details about what happened (unless anyone would really like to know, in which case please contact me), but just wanted to report how useful this session was. I felt that it really got each of us to confront out own apathy and helplessness, and also feel clearer and more confident about how to approach situations which demand intervention.

It was good to take an everyday example, and examine how/why/when one should attempt to use that as an opportunity to make change.

Not sure exactly if I am making sense, but would like to see more of these kinds of workshops/sessions in future conferences.

Thank you Simon

from Lucy Panesar

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