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This is the current list of the library donations for June 15, 2006. The numbers corresponding are the cabinet locations for the contributions in the Library.

cabinet 1

Anymous Art (Czech Republic)
Franko B (UK)
Bobby Baker (UK)

cabinet 2

Catherine Bay (France)
Sbsta Bonn
Penny Brice (US)
Centre of Attention (UK/France)
Meiling Cheng (US)

cabinet 3

CityArts (Ireland)
Richard Dedomenici
Zackary Drucker (US)
Khaled El-Sawy (Egypt)
Shahram Entekhabi (Germany)
Angela Ali Giron (US)

cabinet 4

Guillermo Gomez-Pena
Ju Gosling (UK)
Davide Grassi (Slovenia)

cabinet 5

Wilfried Hagebolling (Germany)
Hancock and Kelly live (UK)
Lindsey Harmon (US)

cabinet 6

Joey Hateley (UK)
Zhang Huan
Carol Jacobsen (US)
Zorica Jevremovic (UK)
John Jordan (Argentina/UK)

cabinet 7

Ksenija Kordic (Croatia)
Yu Yeon Kim
Ksenija Kordic (Croatia)
Immo Klink (UK)
Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination

cabinet 8

Stacy Makishi (UK/US)

cabinet 9

Louise Manifold (UK)
Jeff McMahon (US)
Misha Myers (UK)

cabinet 10

Rika Ohara (US)

cabinet 11

Pam Patterson (Canada)
Aine Phillips (Ireland)
Katja Praznik (Slovenia)

cabinet 12

Katherina Radeva (UK)

cabinet 13

Monica Ross (UK)
Tomoko Takahashi (Japan)
Clare Thornton (Norway)

cabinet 14

Tanya Ury (Germany)
Helena Walsh (UK)
Mark Wallinger and Mary Warncock
Wrights and Sites

cabinet 15

Yasmin Yaqub

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